General Services:
  • Academics, Arithmetic, Reading, Writing, Computer Lessons, Spelling, History, Geography, Science, Spanish, Music, Arts & Crafts, Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack.

  • Extended Care, Potty Training, Before and After School homework help

  • Payment Subsidized Programs: Gain, State, County, Cal Works, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Crystal Stairs, First 5, City of Norwalk, Welfare, and Private.

  • Age Groups: Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, After School

  • Field Trips: L. A. County Zoo, Children's Museum, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Los Angeles County Fair, San Diego Zoo, La Brea Tar Pits, Parks, Library, Police Station, Fire Station, and much more.

  • Program Academicos Lectura, Escritura, Ciencia, Espanol, Musica y Actividades Son Disponibles, Despues de Las Horas Clases, Ortografia, Aritmetica Comida Nutritiva Del Pago De Registracion Cuando Usted Presente Este Cuidado Despues De Clases Instruccion de Como Usar El Bano Atencion Especial Para Cada Nino Cupon "Durante Registracion" Limite Uno Por Cada Nino Programas Educativos Precios Bajos.

  • Preschool Program
    Our Joyland's preschool program for ages 2 - 5 year-old children creates a highly individualized learning environment that teaches skill mastery and develops creative thinking and self-confidence.

    The Preschool classroom includes a corner for dramatic play, block play area, books, puzzles and manipulative's, musical instruments, and, favorite of all children, a ring-necked turtle dove named Piper. The coatroom has cubbies for each student. The daily sequence includes indoor and outdoor play, reading and perusing books and telling stories, Circle Time on the rug for music, sharing ideas and feelings, and creative movement. Hands-on activities include block building, visual arts, manipulative's, modeling materials, paste and collage, sand/rice/water play, dramatic play, and music/rhythmic movement. Weekly visits by the Spanish and music teachers are welcome occasions. Fostering independence and developing positive self-esteem are central to the Preschool experience.














    Preschool Readiness Checklist
    Is your child ready for Preschool?

    Is your child fairly independent?
              Potty-trained, washing hands, eating lunch           without assistance, and sleeping alone...

    Has he/she spent time away from you?
              Spending time with a relative or a babysitter...

    Can he/she work on project alone?
              Clay work, arts, and crafts projects, washing
               dishes, puzzles...

    Ready to participate in group activities?
              Circle time, singing, stories...

    Are they used to keeping a regular
              Predictable schedule: circle time, play time,
               snack, playground, lunch...

    Have the physical stamina for

              Art, field trips to take, and playground time...

    Why do you want to send them to

              What are your goals?

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